Whistleblower System

A secure, simple and compliant whistleblower system
At the best price


Complete guide to easy implementation
of the whistleblower directive

Step-by-step video guide for quick, easy and compliant implementation of the whistleblower directive in your business.

Get direct access to the Whistleblower Guide, your internal presentation, step-by-step videos, whistleblower policy, links, demo videos, and more to avoid harassment.

The guide is designed to make the implementation of the whistleblower directive in your company easy. Through step-by-step videos, you can quickly get an overview and download relevant resources.

Among other things, resources include a presentation about the whistleblower directive, which you are welcome to change and use within the organization. In addition, the guide also includes links to important resources and a video demo of WhistleSystem, an easy, user-friendly, and secure whistleblower system.

WhistleSystem - your company's whistleblower system

Easy and Secure

In WhistleSystem, we have made it both easy and safe to live up to the new EU legal requirements on companies’ duty to implement and operate a secure whistleblower directive, at the best price. Overall, this involves establishing secure, internal channels as well as procedures for reporting and follow-up on offences as well as other serious matters in the company.


In addition, the whistleblower directive requires that employees’ reports must be able to be carried out safely, confidentially and without fear of retaliation from their workplace. Among other things, it places demands on the whistleblower program’s assurance of anonymity. Everything is to reduce violence in the workplace.

WhistleSystem is a whistleblower program for your business

With WhistleSystem, you and your company get a safe and user-friendly whistleblower system that complies with all rules and legal requirements. The system requires a minimal amount of work on your part: the implementation of the digital whistleblower system is quick and simple, the user-friendliness is top-notch and manuals and whistleblower policy are included. The only thing you need to do when the whistleblower system is implemented is to relate to any reports you receive through the system.

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Looking for a secure and user-friendly whistleblower system, with all
necessary documents and support included, at the best price?

We were looking for an alternative to an expensive solution we had been offered. We chose WhistleSystem as the system met our requirements with a completely different price tag.

Kristian Skov Petersen - Owner of Viggo Petersens EFTF A/S

WhistleSystem means that we have control over the reviews. At the same time, our IT manager was satisfied with the level of security.

Kim Eriksen - CEO of ParsePort

We looked at several different solutions but chose to go with WhistleSystem because the system is simple and straightforward.

Peter Flensted - CEO of Flyers ApS

Why choose WhistleSystem?

The Whistleblower Directive

WhistleSystem complies with all EU legal requirements for the whistleblower directive. The software has been developed in collaboration with state-authorized public accountants.

Easy implementation

Quick and simple implementation of the system. Manuals for setup and use are included. In addition, WhistleSystem comes with a whistleblower policy that can be easily customized.

Ease of use

A simple and intuitive design that makes WhistleSystem suitable for all types of employees and companies. WhistleSystem is a showdown with complicated whistleblower software that usually only experts can understand and apply.


ISO27001-approved servers in Europe. Encryption. Two-factor authentication. Architecture is built on the latest technology. Ongoing AI monitoring of security. Redundancy at both application and database level.

The best price

With WhistleSystem, you and your company are safe, both in terms of legislation and in terms of the well-being of your employees, at the best price.

Whistleblower system for reporting abusive behaviour

The legal requirement for the protection of whistleblowers is made to accommodate whistleblowers in reporting offences, serious misconduct, negligence as well as abusive behaviour to their workplace. The latter include, for example, harassment, sexual harassment og bullying.

A healthy and well-functioning workplace is free from harassment, sexual harassment and bullying. It is obvious. However, if your employees experience something offensive, it can be difficult for the individual to move forward with the problem, for example for fear of aggravating the problem further.

With WhistleSystem, your business gets a secure, anonymous and simple whistleblower system for anonymous reporting of abusive behaviour. It can accommodate your employees, make them safer in the workplace and give them a better work environment.

A secure whistleblower system for you and your employees

Comply with legal requirements

Rest assured that you are complying with the legal requirements for the whistleblower directive. The new EU directive requires that all companies with more than 50 employees must have a whistleblower system.

Prevent the scandal

Get control of all reports. Revelations about fraud and sexual harassment only reach out to people you have nominated yourself. Then you can decide for yourself how the case should be handled.

Improve employee well-being

Create a work culture where your employees thrive. With WhistleSystem, they can safely and anonymously report unethical behaviour in the workplace – for the benefit of the individual employee and the company as a whole.

Secure, simple and compliant whistleblower system

At the best price.

0 - 250 employees250 - 500 employees500-750 employees750+ employees
49 EUR/month65 EUR/month79 EUR/monthFrom 95 EUR/month
Yearly invoicingYearly invoicingYearly invoicingYearly invoicing
Manuals and whistleblower policy
Whistleblower system - with all the features you need (including up to three reporting channels and five administrators)
Compliance officer training and certificate199 Euro (optional)199 Euro (optional)199 Euro (optional)199 Euro (optional)